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Knitwear and Knitting Patterns designed by hand.

Ranti Studio is a knitwear boutique celebrating the craft of hand knitting. Explore our selection of knitting patterns, knitwear and textiles.

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Black spiky knit jumper

Romanesco Jumper Knitting Pattern


green and white knit jumper

Chalet Jumper Knitting Pattern


Black and white checked knitted jumper

Gambit Jumper Knitting Pattern


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A brown ribbed knitted top hanging on a wall.

Armour Top Knitting Pattern

The Armour Top is a versatile spin on the classic ribbed top. There are multiple ways to work this pattern, making it wearable throughout the seasons. It is knitted top-down in an overall 2x2 rib stitch with double-knit armhole edges to finish. 

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green and white knit jumper
Chalet Jumper
The Chalet Jumper is a two-toned, oversized, drop-shoulder jumper with extra long sleeves and a roll neck, creating the perfect cosy fit.
blue spiky knit t-shirt
Romanesco Jumper
The Romanesco Jumper is a three-dimensional spike-textured fitted top that can be worked in 4 different ways.
A pile of knitwear on a surface
Ready to Ship
Finished knitted pieces that you can buy and wear straight away,
Some blue yarn on a desk.


We source 100% natural yarn when buying new materials for our knitwear. Like most knitters, we have a collection of leftover balls of yarn from past projects, which are used to make new pieces for our ready to ship collection. Whilst we prefer working with natural materials in our knitwear collection, our knitting patterns use standard weights of yarn, so substituting a yarn is easy. 

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