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garment care

Our pieces are made to last and should be very durable! However you have to take care when washing items to avoid snagging or felting. To give your knitted pieces a long life, there’s no need to wash it regularly, instead try airing out to ventilate. Following these general guidelines will ensure your knits last for a long time:

Wool, Mohair, & Silk Blends

You can wash pieces containing any amount of wool, mohair, and/or silk with a wool-safe or silk detergent. Hand-washing can be done with cool water in a bath, sink or bucket. Avoid agitating the piece too much to avoid felting. Gently squeeze out any excess water, avoiding wringing, towel dabbing water from the piece. When drying, be careful not to stretch your knitwear. Dry flat on a towel instead of hanging. 

Cotton, Bamboo & Synthetic Blends

Pieces made entirely out of cotton, bamboo and/or synthetic blends are safe to run through a washing machine on a cold water cycle using a gentle detergent (nothing with bleach, even colour-safe bleach). It’s always safer to hand-wash, so feel free to follow the instructions above instead. Dry flat.

Store Folded

Always store your knits folded, not hung. The weight can stretch the garment out of shape. If possible fold away in drawers to protect against pests/moths.   


Our knitwear is made to last, but pilling can occur naturally with friction. A pilling comb or fabric shaver will easily remove it. If you notice a loose end appearing in your piece, it's very unlikely that it's falling apart! This is probably just one end of a knot that can be tucked in. If a hole does appear, patching or darning are great ways to cover it.