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materials & production


The materials used for Ranti Studio’s pieces have been handpicked carefully and tested to make sure it will sustain being worn repeatedly. We source 100% natural yarn when buying new materials for our knitwear.

Like most avid knitters, we have a collection of leftover balls of yarn from past projects, which are used to make new pieces for our ready to ship collection. With the right amount of care, our knitwear should last, and make you feel soft and comfortable.

Whilst we prefer working with natural materials in our knitwear collection, our knitting patterns use standard weights of yarn, so substituting a yarn is easy if you’d like to make one yourself!


If knitting isn't your thing, our hand knitted pieces are made in very small quantities, or as one-off pieces. The making of each item involves just Ranti hand knitting each item herself. Pricing reflects the value of the materials used to create each piece as well as the time spent making them! The description of each piece contains materials & labor details specific to that creation.